Company Profile-DAPENG PHARM

Zhejiang Dapeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Dapeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock private enterprise designated by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas to produce pesticide raw materials, finished products and pharmaceutical raw materials. The joint-stock private enterprises that produce pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, pesticide raw materials and pesticide finished products have gradually formed a product pattern with obvious characteristics, which is developing towards refinement, refinement, strength and serialization. The company is located in the National Chemical API production base - Linhai Park of Zhejiang chemical API base, with convenient transportation. Adhering to the green development policy of science and technology service, the company is fully committed to the R & D, production and sales of environmental and ecological products and international trend products

The company always adheres to the core development concept of "integrity takes the world, science and technology creates the future". Always regard scientific and technological innovation as the source power of enterprise development, and carry out extensive technical exchanges and cooperation with many scientific research institutions at home and abroad. The company is equipped with advanced equipment, analytical and testing instruments and first-class experimental conditions, and has gathered high-quality technical personnel to effectively guarantee the quality of products.

With the completion and use of Shandong production base in 2010, the establishment and operation of Taizhou Jiaojiang marketing center accelerated the industrial upgrading of our company. The company is focusing on building two industrial chains, two R & D systems and two sales systems for raw drugs and preparations, further promoting and deepening the international development strategy, fully integrating into the international pharmaceutical industry chain, and striving to build a domestic first-class, internationally renowned and highly competitive pesticide enterprise

We firmly believe that the future of Dapeng pharmaceutical industry will keep pace with the rapid development of Chinas economy. We are more willing to cooperate with friends and people of insight at home and abroad to seek common development.

Understand crops better and lead the fifth management of planting

  • ◎The rigid demand for the moderate scale development of Agriculture
  • ◎Thinking mode of making more production and quality improvement plan
  • ◎Cultivate nuclear weapons with strong customer stickiness value competitiveness

As we all know, light, air, water, temperature and soil are the five basic factors that affect the yield and quality of agricultural production. Because of the stress and influence of diseases, insects and weeds, "prevention first, comprehensive control" has become the sixth factor.

Therefore, in order to produce high yield and high quality, we should follow the four good methods of "good seed, good land, good state and good method". As one of the "good laws", the fifth management of planting is a new theory and measure of planting management technology, which is relative to the cultivation technology and its facilities management, the management of improving soil capacity, the scientific nutrition management and the whole process of disease, pest and grass pest control and management in the whole process from planting to harvesting.

We believe that the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of crops are the result of gene selective expression, but plant hormones can control gene expression. Therefore, the scientific use of plant growth regulators, biostimulants and key nutrients can manage the structure and level of endogenous hormones of crops, manage the balance relationship between roots, leaves, flowers and fruits, control the growth rhythm, reduce the amount and efficiency of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, reduce the labor expenditure, improve the quality and yield of agricultural products, and finally realize the systematic planting of increased planting income The new cultivation measures and plans can be called: the fifth management of cultivation.